My name is Katie Pelon and I'm an environmental educator in Los Angeles, California. 

I author and illustrate my children's books and nature journals with the intention of creating engaging, educational experiences that inspire young readers to care about the ocean.

In my free time, I enjoy tide pooling, reading, and whale watching. I'm always exploring Southern California (and sometimes beyond!).

I'm trained in marine biology and have done everything from field research on elephant seals, to lab research about polar bears, to leading beach cleanups for a whole state. 

I started Environerd in 2016 as part of my Master's project, studying innovative methods for environmental education, and I first created an educational board game that taught players about marine food webs. 

From there, I expanded into educational art projects and finally jumped into writing books in 2021 when I felt more confident in my self-taught illustration skills. Since then, I've published five books and more are in the works!

As I've explored environmental education through my resources, I've also worked in education, including at aquariums, zoos, and in the classroom.

I'm always happy to answer questions related to my professional background or the process of entering environmental education. Please reach out if you'd like to chat!

-Katie :)

"My mission is to create engaging, educational experiences that inspire young learners to protect the ocean."

My Qualifications

B.S. Ecology and Evolution, UC Santa Cruz
M.S. Environmental Education, Antioch University New England

Current Roles
Founder of Environerd Studios: Educator, Author and Illustrator
Los Angeles Zoo Learning & Engagement: Education Specialist

AEOE California Environmental Educator Certification
Nature Journaling Educator Certification (WildWonder)

Professional Organizations
Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (AEOE)
National Marine Educators Association (NMEA)
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
The Wildlife Society (TWS)