Why we donate to the Los Angeles Zoo

Why we donate to the Los Angeles Zoo

Environerd Studios is dedicating 10% of proceeds from the shop to conservation programs at the Los Angeles Zoo! 

The Los Angeles Zoo supports conservation programs around the globe, contributing directly to endangered species recovery and science-based management. 

Just look to the California condors for a local success story from the zoo: 

"Since the program’s inception in 1982, the world population of California condors, which dipped to as low as 22 in the 1980s, has climbed to more than 420 individuals—with half of those birds living in the wild."

-Los Angeles Zoo 

In addition to the care of the endangered species living at the zoo, the Los Angeles Zoo supports the following field programs around the world: 

  • Okapi Conservation Program, Democratic Republic of the Congo 
  • Human/Elephant Conflict Program, Cambodia 
  • Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby Conservation, Australia 
  • Steller’s Sea Eagle Research, Russia 
  • Paso Pacifico Jaguar Conservancy, Nicaragua 
  • Santa Monica Mountains Mountain Lion Study, California 

Environerd is happy to support these programs and many more through LA Zoo's newly announced Conservation Strategic Plan. Thank you for supporting us and the zoo! 

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