Welcome! Get to know Environerd

Welcome! Get to know Environerd

Hey there! My name is Katie and I'm the creator behind Environerd Studios. I'm an environmental educator and artist based in Los Angeles, California.  

 I started Environerd Studios as a way to share my first educational board game I created in grad school, which was all about marine conservation (my specialty). Over the years since then, it's evolved into a space for me to write books, create apparel, and build resources that help me spread awareness of wildlife conservation efforts around the world. 

 My mission and background 

 It's so important to me to always be communicating (in creative ways) not only the beauty and importance of the species we share our planet with, but also the ways in which our actions can make a positive difference.  

My mission for Environerd is to inspire wonder and joy through celebrating wildlife, while giving young people science-based information and tools to get involved in protecting animals.  

I started my journey as a volunteer for a tiny aquarium in high school, and then followed my dream of studying marine biology in college at UC Santa Cruz. There, I was lucky enough to contribute to research projects as a tech attaching satellite trackers to elephant seals, analyzing reproductive cycles of polar bears, and studying decades-long patterns of marine mammal strandings. I created the campus Wildlife Conservation Club, volunteered at a sea turtle rescue organization one summer with my friends, and tried my hand at animal husbandry in a big cat sanctuary. 

After graduating, I chose to move to New England for my Master's degree in environmental education, which I usually describe as "science anywhere outside of the classroom". So while I'm not a classroom teacher, I do have experience in education in all sorts of unexpected forms: museum exhibit design, beach cleanups, whale watches, board games, video content, social media, TV script writing, photography, and product creation, for audiences of any age. 

After grad school, I expanded my product range within Environerd while working fulltime as an educator. I started going to frequent craft fairs and art shows to sell my products and connect with my community and still love to do so! 

 What kinds of products I make 

  1. Children's Books: I write children's interactive, educational books and stories for your young reader to learn all about our world's wildlife.  
  2. Family Apparel: Baby, toddler and kid's sizes, with adult sizes to match your little one! 
  3. Stickers: I create stickers with my animal illustrations so that you can show your love of the natural world wherever you go. 

 Questions? I'm available! 

 You can reach out to me at any time through my contact form here. 


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