New Book Coming Soon: Solve a Sea Otter Mystery!

New Book Coming Soon: Solve a Sea Otter Mystery!

My second book and first novel, The Case of the Abandoned Sea Otters, will be published very soon! Here's what its all about:

In this first in a series called Magic Seashell Mysteries, three young friends are transported by a magic seashell to solve an environmental mystery: sea otter pups are being abandoned by their mothers outside of the aquarium, and no one knows why!

Riley, a shy third grader, puts her skills as an artist to the test when she becomes the lead detective on the case, drawing every clue she sees in her favorite nature journal.

Can Riley, along with her sister and best friend, gather the right clues to figure out who is behind it all before more otters are in danger?

This chapter book is the first in the Magic Seashell Mysteries series, written for young readers by an environmental educator. It contains a glossary of vocabulary words and educational connections including discussion questions and standards alignment to make incorporating it into formal learning easy.

This book will be available for purchase in paperback and ebook format, and is recommended for ages 6-8 or grades 1-3.

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