City of STEM & Los Angeles Maker Faire 2024

City of STEM & Los Angeles Maker Faire 2024

Environerd participated in the City of STEM & Los Angeles Maker Faire for the second year this past Saturday, and it was a day full of excitement over STEM, incredible activities, and tons of friendly people!

I shared my children's books and nature journals at my booth, where I led a demonstration for kids to try out nature journaling using seashells from California beaches.

We observed ochre stars, moon snails, chestnut cowries, purple sea urchins, sand dollars and more, recording what we observed in sample nature journals. I encouraged participants to observe with more of their senses: what do the shells feel like and smell like? Overall, I engaged with over 500 children and family members throughout the day, and loved seeing the joy on everyone's faces as they explored the booth. 

I had the pleasure of also being on a panel at the festival, "Unconventional STEM", all about celebrating STEM careers off the beaten path. This was my first panel I've ever been a part of and I loved speaking about my experience with incorporating my art into my work, as well as how I use storytelling to teach science.

City of STEM & LA Maker Faire happens every April and is completely free to visitors! I plan to participate for many years to come. Hope to see you there next year!

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